Welcome to Balanced Life of a Happy Wife

One time, a boy name Brian made a girl named Abbie baked brie with raspberry preserves on top. Even though she was really trying to monitor her cheese intake, she gladly gobbled away and knew that Brian was more than just a pretty face and good cook.

Flash forward almost 2 years later.

They are still eating cheese (in **some** moderation) and planning their wedding.

Wedding planning and life in general can be a whirlwind at times.  It is often difficult to find balance between making healthy choices and life getting ahead of you.  Follow Balanced Life of a Happy Wife while I make wholesome and delicious recipes in the kitchen, clean up my beauty and skin routine, and share my fashion favorites, all while wedding planning, dog parenting, and being the best me I can be.

View More: http://onethirtyninephotography.pass.us/brianabbiefranky

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